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The Mindful Breathing Workshop

Why breathe mindfully?

Hi there!

I'm Ori, once a stock market broker and now a full-time yoga teacher and a mindful breathing expert.

To breathe mindfully is to observe the natural course of the breath in our body, to change it, modify it, visualize it and use it in interesting ways, in order to gain emotional stability and stress reduction effect.

Once I decided to make a professional shift and to start focusing on improving people's lives through mindful breathing and movement, I knew that my #1 task will be to improve the lives of those who live under recurring stressful conditions - Just as I was living for many years.



Ori keren smiling
A woman sitting and  meditating behind a laptop

About the workshop

The Mindful Breathing Workshop is both a theoretical and a practical workshop, during which we will understand what stress is, what the breathing process is, and how we can use the latter in order to reduce the former. The workshop will give you knowledge and tools to understanding yourself better and to cope with stressful situations at work or outside of work, effectively.


The Workshop's duration is about 2 hours

and it takes place in your workspace or online via ZOOM.

It's available both in Hebrew or in English.

Senior level private sessions

The C-level title often adds other layers of responsibility and stress to your already hectic day.

For those who prefer a private session, I offer a personal workshop or a weekly session, during which we will analyze the impact of stress on your breath, body and mind and practice some classic yoga-oriented breathing and meditation techniques, that will help you regain focus and clarity.

What are you going to learn in the workshop?

A woman dresses in black sport clothing kneeling and breathing

Practical Techniques

Learn and practice simple yet extremely effective techniques that will help you control your emotions and calm your busy mind.

Girl Relaxing

How to practice mindful breathing?

How can I intentionally change the way I breathe and what breathing patterns will help me reduce stress?

Stressed Man

What is stress? 

What is breathing?

Understand the physical mechanisms behind both.

What are the consequences of recurring stress responses?

What will you gain from this workshop?

A woman enjoying a cup of tea

An improved mental shape

Mindful breathing will improve your mental shape, your breathing range, and capacity as well as help you regain focus and clarity.

A girl meditating on an office desk with her peers arguing around her

Tools for controlling and reducing stress

By using some simple, practical breathing and vocal techniques - You will learn how easy it is to calm your mind and control your anxiety and stress levels.

A man smiling and working on his laptop

A better understanding of yourself

You will learn how to identify and tackle stressful situations by understanding what are the physical and mental signs which indicate that you are in a "danger zone".

What people say about the workshops?

I have been practicing breathing techniques for a long time and still found this workshop really beneficial for me. 

Thank you!

Daniella Vasinkova

It was really Useful! 

Thank you for your holistic approach.

Ewa Malinowska

It was SO useful for me!  we don't usually know how to breathe correctly so this workshop was really meaningful.

Josiane Marinho

Some of my students suffer from stress and high blood pressure and their doctors recommended they do some breathing exercises. I added a 20-minute breathing class and used the techniques that we have learned in the workshop! 

Thanks a lot!

Tabitha Lucas

I created a workshop for my students using tips from your workshop! 

My students struggle to use a loud voice and breathing is such a big part of it. I found this workshop very useful and it gave me a great starting ground.

Wo Morgana

Who can benefit from the mindful breathing workshop?


Tech companies, startups etc.

Every workplace faces long working hours as well as high and demanding working standards.

Smiling Teacher

Schools and universities

If you use your voice a lot, if you deal with large groups of people, if your voice is crucial for your work - You can benefit a lot from the MB workshop a lot!

Creative Agency

Dynamic and high pressure teams

Sales teams, Marketing teams, Customer service teams, caregivers, and every other kind of work environment that involves unpredictable workload and/or stressful conditions.

Ori Keren Smiling


Thank you! I will contact you very soon.

Ori Keren


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